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IPM is part of the wave of change on Planet Earth as we evolve into the New Millennium. IPM is groups of people around the world who have the common bond of wanting to grow spiritually without dogma or theology and, in the process, become examples of positive change in the world.Melissa sharing

The Inner Peace Movement® program was founded in 1964 by Dr. Francisco Coll. Francisco Coll was an exceptional man in an exceptional time. Spanning the last half of the twentieth century, his pioneering work in the unfoldment of spiritual awareness and development of spiritual science helped fuel a planet-wide mass expansion of consciousness.

Many of those who had the sensitivity to meet him would tell you: “There was something about Francisco.”¬† That indefinable something was a manifest peace, an acceptance of self and others, a piercing insight, a beneficence packed in a dynamo of directed energy.

For many decades before he departed the physical world in 1999, Dr. Coll was widely considered to be a pre-eminent leader in the field of enhanced awareness whose wisdom transcended time and space and resonated deeply with people from every walk of life, of every age, gender, color, and persuasion.  His genius was the ability to organize and sophisticate specific tools and techniques that enabled those looking for more insight into life to experience both a more fundamental communication with themselves and a more harmonious relationship with the greater cosmos.

IPM is a means of becoming your true self; the dynamic, happy, balanced you. IPM can put the tools and techniques you can use to create for yourself an unbelievably successful life on all levels into your hands.

You can awaken your spiritual (psychic) abilities to a level you may have believed only "gifted" people were capable of. During the last fifty years, hundreds of different spiritual techniques have been developed for IPM community group work.

The purpose of these techniques is to help you expand your spiritual sensitivity and discernment for greater command of your own energy. These techniques help you go deeper in working 24/7 with your of guardian angels, your inner guidance. Through IPM involvement a vast new world of possibilities comes into view and a feeling of limitlessness becomes a way of life. Dreams of personal happiness become attainable goals.

IPM is not for everyone. IPM is for people who wish to transcend the limits their early conditions may have placed upon them. IPM is for people who desire to be living examples of how great life really is. IPM is people who are on the fast track to discovering the true essence of spiritual energy and its effective use in daily living.