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The program is journey of discovery. During each step, I encounter a new discovery and tool to support me on my life path. If you are looking for answers, this is a wonderful way to get started. IPM Leaders are highly-skilled, fun, practical and trustworthy.
Geanine Thompson, New York, NY

I attended the angel seminar in Dublin this summer. I am e-mailing to thank you for changing my life! When I met you I was unhappy, unsure and felt a bit I lonely. Now I am so happy, fulfilled and excited about life! The angels have given me lots of practical advice on how to improve my life. Also now that I know they are there I will never be lonely again! So a huge THANK YOU!
Catriona Doherty, Dublin, Ireland

Great experience with psychic abilities that we have, but never thought of using, nor knew I could use, in my daily life. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.
Kishor Masters, London,UK

Through the Inner Peace Movement program, you can discover a simple, experiential and practical approach to spiritual development.

If you’ve ever had that feeling that, “there must be something more to my life,” you will find the answers you seek by attending these workshops.

When you attend the IPM Orientation Seminar: Awaken to your Intuition & Connect with your Angels; you’ll re-discover the truth of who you are. You are a soul with immense potential, energy & power when you know how to direct it.

When you can direct your energy, you’ll create the ideal career path, relationships and have true inner happiness and joy for living.

You may have struggled to tell the difference between your own busy mind & your inner guidance; the still small voice inside. We’ll help you discern the difference between your intellect & your inner guidance so you always know how to trust your intuition. Remove indecision & doubt from your life & step into the greatness you were born with.

Ready to get started?

Awaken to Your Intuition & Connect with Your Angels Orientation Seminars are being presented in Locations Around the World. See our EVENTS page for dates & locations.

At these seminars you will:

  • Experience the power of your spiritual energy/aura
  • Know why you are here? Where are you going? Begin to understand your life purpose
  • Learn about your team of guardian angels and how you can be aware of their messages. Discover how to recognize ANYTIME your angels want to communicate with you. Discover how sensitive you are to your environment and why it is essential you keep your energy vibration at a high positive level.
  • Learn the four ways you can use your psychic abilities and the keys to developing all of them!
  • Practice using your psychic sensitivity and realize how psychic you already are!

We can’t wait to share with you the simple, practical tools to enhance your spirituality and your life.

PS. Share this information with your friends and bring them along! And be sure to get started right now by signing up to receive your free video.